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About the APG

 The Aperture Photography Group (APG) was established in 2016 and is based in Little Brington in Northamptonshire. It was set up with the aim of creating an environment in which photographers of all levels of experience could come together and learn, improve and share their interest in photography. 

We made a decision early on that we were not going to call ourselves 'The Aperture Camera Club' - a camera is merely one of the tools you need to take photographs. Nor did we want to call ourselves 'The Aperture Photography Club'. We were more interested in the photographs taken by members within the group, but we also wanted to share the images taken by the wider community of photographers, past and present. 

As a member, all we can ask of you is to get involved. It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced - take part. For beginners, we want you to ask questions, because it’s the only way to learn. If you are more experienced, we ask you to share your learning and help those who have only just started out on their photographic journey.

What We Do


The  APG meetings are held every two weeks, on a Thursday evening in The  Saracen’s Head pub in Little Brington (Main St, Little Brington,  Northampton NN7 4HS). Meetings start at 8pm and usually last two hours. 

Typically,  we try to cover a number of topics during each meeting. One of the key  aims of these meetings is to share our images with each other. We do not  have competitions, as our view is that photography is an art and the only person you need to compete with is yourself. We want to encourage all members to share their work, so that we can both enjoy it and provide constructive feedback. 


Practice,  practice practice! If you want to learn photography, or improve from  your current level, regular practice is very important. The first step is to become at one with your camera; understand how it works, how it can be set up to get a range of different effects. Our regular outings are an opportunity for you to  practice your skills in Seeing and Taking photographs. The more expert  photographers in the APG have all agreed to help the beginners at these  sessions, so everyone can come back having learned new skills and taken  some good images.


Unlike many camera clubs, we want to teach our members how to be better photographers. Many of our meetings will include an element of training, or will encourage you to discuss images. We also have a dedicated training centre in Little Brington, where we can teach up to 8  members the various key skills required to become a photographer.  

That's not all, we also provide access to a range of training videos which can be accessed from this website.

What's Happening?

APG Exhibition

Our permanent exhibition at The Saracen's Head in Little Brington is now open . Why not drop in for a pint or a meal and take the opportunity of looking at the work that our members have produced.


We have a couple of new outings planned: in October we are going to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre for a day of steam and on 15th November we are going to Birmingham to photograph the Jewellery Quarter and 'The Blue Hour'. Check out our calendar for more details.

Photography Training

The next set of training courses are now ready.  We will be runnning our new Composition and Advanced Lightroom Training workshops in workshops starting in the new year. Meanwhile we will have more Basic Camera Skills training in October and November

There is also a great guide from the Magnum photo agency for you to download.


Mother and child in Myanmar temple

We can't hope to cover everything you want to know in our meetings, training and outings. If you want one-to-one help, or want to spend some time before on our meetings to chat over a question, let us know. Asking questions and getting good answers is the right way to learn.


We all need inspiration and looking at the work of other photographers is probably the best way to develop your seeing skills. Take a look at these amazing videos and read these inspiring articles.


The Aperture Photography Group is affiliated to the Midland Counties Photographic Federation and Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. 

APG Calendar


Who is the club for?

The group is open to everyone, regardless  of photographic ability. All we ask is that you have an interest in  photography and would like to improve your photographic skills or assist  others in improving.

Do I need to join to come along?

No.  You are welcome to come for free to two of our meetings before making any commitment to join.

How much is membership?

Currently our annual membership is a flat  rate of £25 per year.  Membership runs from the first week in January to the last week in December each year. Members who join part way through the year pay a discounted rate. 

Do I need to bring a camera with me?

If you have any questions regarding your specific camera, then yes, please bring it along with you for advice. On normal evening sessions you will not need your camera unless specifically stated. We do hold portrait sessions, technical sessions,  photographic walks and outings where your cameras will be required. You  will be informed ahead of time if they are.

What type of camera do I need?

Any! We are dedicated to helping people  improve their photography no matter what camera they decide to use. We have members who use film cameras but in the main digital imaging has taken over. Phone camera, point and shoot or top end professional cameras; they can all take a good image in the right hands. We very much welcome newcomers to photography, even if they have not yet purchased their camera. 

Contact Us

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If you want to know more about the APG

We've tried to give you a flavour of what the Aperture Photography Group, is all about, but if you need more information about us, please drop us a line.

Where we meet

The Saracens Head, Main St, Brington, NN7 4HS, England http://www.thesaracensatbrington.co.uk/

Contact the APG on: 01327 844182

When we meet

We meet every other Thursday at 8pm. 

Please see our Calendar for details of the next meeting.